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Second Intention Healing

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Second Intention Healing
Second Intention Healing

Wound care instructions for Second Intention Healing

Your wound will be left to heal in naturally or by second intention healing.
This means that there are no sutures in your wound. Your wound will fill up naturally with new tissue from the bottom up and then close itself in from the sides. With proper care, this process can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks for healing to occur depending on the size of your wound. There are several important steps necessary to insure proper healing.

  1. The pressure bandage that you left the office will need to stay in place for 24 hours. After this time, it will not be necessary to have pressure with your bandage.
  2. After the initial 24 hour period, you may remove your bandage and wash your wound in the shower with some warm water and mild soap. Please do not use Hydrogen Peroxide or Alcohol to clean your wound as this may dry out new tissue that is trying to form. Do not be afraid to use a cotton tip to gently clean the wound. If applicable, keep any hair surrounding your wound shaven as this will insure a more air tight bandage when you begin.
  3. After your wound has been cleansed, cut a piece of a non-stick or non adherent bandage pad somewhat bigger than the size of your wound. Apply a good amount of Vaseline on the pad or directly into the wound with a cotton tip and place the pad over your wound to cover it.
  4. Secure the pad with Cover-All bandage or paper tape. It is important to surround the pad on all four sides so air doesn’t get in from the sides of the bandage.

This should be done daily and can be incorporated into your shower routine. It is very important that your wound stays covered and airtight to prevent the wound from drying out or crusting. Crusting will impede the growth of the new tissue that is necessary for your wound to heal.

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